Hidden Summit Tea
Hidden Summit Tea
Hidden Summit Tea


Hidden Summit Tea

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Tea Information:

  • Serving size (2 servings per Carafe): 6oz.

Tasting Notes:

Notes of wisteria, honeysuckle and gardenia.

Tea Story:

This exceptional tea comes to us from Qian Jiang Yue (Thousand Rivers Moon) tea farm in the Xindian district of northern Taiwan. The owner, who learned how to make tea from her grandfather, moved there after a highway was built right through her former property. She found a new piece of land to farm, one with abandoned tea bushes. Because of her natural farming methods, the tea plants live alongside an array of wildlife including frogs, wild boars, and monkeys. The tea was plucked and produced in mid-May, later than normal due to an unusually cool spring. The cool spring slowed the growth and reduced yield, not great for the farmer, who sold out her crop by the time it was produced, but good for us, because the weather was good for the tea. The cool spring is evident in the floral notes, reminiscent of spring and summer flowers, especially honeysuckle, gardenia, and wisteria.

Ingredients: oolong tea

You are welcome to use the Sips for as many carafes as you find enjoyment, but please note that taste will differ in each carafe.

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