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Tea unlike any other.

Teforia infusers have revolutionized tea infusion through unparalleled technology and uncompromising design. They yield the perfect cup of tea--every time.

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Under Control

All variables that influence the strength, flavor, color and character of teas are carefully managed. Teforia tea recipes are developed in collaboration with tea masters and growers. Each infusion benefits from precise settings for:

● Water temperature ● Water volume
● Steep time ● Agitation
● Aeration ● Microinfusions
● Water quality ● Water-to-Tea Ratio
A Teforia Microinfusion

Microinfusions are a Big Deal

Our infusers use a patent-pending microinfusion technology that is completely unique. Inspired by the Gongfu tea infusion technique, microinfusions are smaller, shorter infusions that allow extraction of just the right flavors.

Teforia's Selective Infusion Profile System™ gives each tea a special infusion recipe tailored to its specific qualities. A tea may require three or four different microinfusions--each with different settings--to bring out its best flavors. The difference is easy to taste.

Select Your Tea Strength

Tea to Fit Your Mood

Teforia infusers offer a customizable strength setting for every tea. Need a bold cup in the morning? A light steep in the afternoon? Tailor your infusions to your mood and time of day at the press of a button.

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Designed for Perfection

All aspects of our infusers were considered with beauty and function in mind. The natural beauty of each infusion is kept at the center of the experience .

Our striking, double-walled carafe features a hand-blown borosilicate glass interior that resists scents and stains. It keeps beverages warm for more than an hour. Outside high-impact, BPA-free plastic allows it to stand up to everyday life.

The Infusion Globe is also double-walled with a borosilicate glass interior and protective plastic accents on the exterior.

Teforia improves with WiFi.

Always Advancing

Teforia infusers are connected to WiFi so that they keep learning new teas and recipes. Improvements are rolled out continually so you are always ready to steep for perfection.

Teforia created togetherness

Tea is for Togetherness

The Teforia experience brings people together. Whether offering a carafe of your favorite tea to a guest or exploring incredible new teas with loved ones, tea time is for connecting with those around us. Let Teforia take care of the tea; you do the rest.

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Product Specifications

Processors ● Dual-core, dual-threaded Intel Atom CPU at 500MHz
● 32-bit Intel Quark microcontroller at 100 MHz
Connectivity ● WiFi, 802.11a/b/g/n
Water Temperature Room temperature to 212°F (100°C)
Power 110-120V, 60Hz
Recipe Storage Can store up to 1.7 quadrillion tea recipes

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Infuses Teforia Teas Perfectly
Tea Subscription Compatible
Updates Recipes Regularly over WiFi
Communicates via Teforia App
Offers Caffeine Boosts
(on select teas)
Infuses Non-Teforia Teas
Starts Infusions from the App
Price $999.00 $399.00
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